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Hi, my name is Diego and I live in Spain ....
Last post by (Diego Valle Cia)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Diego Valle Cia)

I know a little Egypt, I have been several times in Sharm and one in El Cairo. I usually travel by motorcycle and next January I would like to travel by plane to Cairo, rent a motorcycle and go down to Luxor following the Nile River, then I would like to go up again on the other side. Would it be possible to rent a motorcycle in Cairo? And then buy it and sell it quickly (I'll have to take a plane back) Thank you. If anyone is interested in renting my motorcycle, you can send me a message.

Ride race for girls
Last post by (Mohamed Abdelhamed)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Alaa Maher)

Can any one help me to find girl with a race to try to ride it for my first time because I am a girl and I prefer to ride it with woman

honda steed stolen 7/3/2017   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (hassans007)

موتوسيكل هوندا ستيد 400 اتسرق من اسبوعين 7/3/2017 الفجرية وقطعوا السلسلة الحديد ودوروا في الحي الثامن 6 اكتوبر شير للتواصل 01006049554 نبيتى*اسود رقم اللوحة اج2686

Sharing Used Bike Accessories Groups   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Omar Shokry)

i was thinking why not having a section in EGYBIKERS site like a forum to share the requests / searches / prices of the used accessories for specific brands. this will be different than only adding in selling section. Anybody support the idea.

Warnings Regarding Money Transfers to Strangers.
Last post by (Karim Taraboulsi)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Karim Taraboulsi)

Dear Members,
Please do not transfer money outside Egypt unless you meet the seller in person.
Contact us if you need any help.

My Nude Indian Woman
Last post by (Diesel)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Diesel)

Carved Skins for bikes

new raider :)
Last post by (OMARNTGD679)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Michael Medany)

looking for honda 600 RR any help please ?

VTX 1300 Kyes   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Tamer)

what is the solution if i lost my Honda VTX 1300 Kyes

Need Help
Last post by (Aboulmagd)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (magdy )

Hi Guys, I decided to start ridding finally :), and am thinking to go with scooter, so I need advise for what model should have, I am choosing between Yamha Majesty, Honda Forza and Suzuki Burgman so appreciate your opinions and if you can help with good dealers contact details.

50cc scooters   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Gary)

Please can anyone tell me the best most reliable secondhand scooter to buy for my son who has just turned 16 years old , up to 4 years old please.

Spare Parts for Honda CBR 250   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Mansoor Majeed)

Hi, I would like to know where do you get Honda CBR 250 Model 2011 parts from. Are they easily available in Egypt.? Which Companies sell these parts?

Looking for a BMW R1200GS 2008-2011   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Ayman Abdel Wahed)

Dear members I am looking for a BMW GS1200 (recent model) or a recent KTM Adventure 1050, 1190, or a post 2009 Honda Varadero. My email is Thank you

I'm looking for bike riding school
Last post by (Zaki)
  (2 posts)    
Topic created by (Batul tawfiq)

I'm looking for bike riding school in cairo .. any one can help me !

Searching for yamaha r6 2008 -2011
Last post by (2015 Kawasaki NINJA 650)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Zeyad fathy)

بالنسبة لموضوع الطول؟   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Ali)

أنا طولى 161 سم و عايز اجيب honda cbr 250 هيكون فيها مشكلة ولا مسألة تعود ؟ *مع العلم انها اول مرة اركب فيها*

استفسار بسيط
Last post by (Mechie)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Eslam Nofl)

انا ان شاء الله ناوى اشترى CBR 1000RR (2012) فى ادامى اقتراحين بس الى انا مقلق منه ان ازاى موديل 2012 و الاقتراحين مش مكملين حتى مشى 6 الاف كيلو يعنى هل فعلا ممكن يكون حقيقى ولا لعب فى العداد ...؟!! ارجو سرعه الرد

محتاج ماتور ٩٢٩   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (_-_Khaled_-_)

السلام عليكم محتاج ماتور Honda 929 model 2002 والسعر النهائي

Shadow/VTX with installment (قسط)
Last post by (2015 Kawasaki NINJA 650)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Tarek El Mawardy)

Looking for a decent Shadow/VTX that I can purchase with an installment (قسط). Will pay 4,000 EGP a month.

Installment Bike
Last post by (Mechie)
  (1 posts)    
Topic created by (Ismail )

I am seeking your support to help me if I can get information about the Installment bikes

question about honda 250rr   (0 posts)    
Topic created by (Mohamed MeDo)

لو سمحت يا جماعه كنت هشتري البايك دي honda cbr 250rr وكنت عايز اعرف هل ينفع أخلي صوتها زي صوت البايك ال 250 دي اللي في الفيديو ؟ -s:// ولو هينفع اركب لها ايه عشان تبقي بنفس الصوت ده ؟

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