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For Sale - SYM - Jet 14 (2018)
Date Posted: 31.Oct.2018
29000 EGP
SYM Jet 14 2018 SYM scooter jet 14 In a perfect condition Model 2018. only 1000 klm . Maintenance done . 3 years License . White color.

Mileage 1000 km
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For Sale - HAWA - r8 (2018)
Date Posted: 26.Oct.2018
17000 EGP
HAWA r8 2018 للبيع اسكوتر حوا ار 8 150 سى سى موديل 2018 ...

Contact seller

For Sale - KYMCO - Kymco AK550 (2018)
Date Modified: 12.Dec.2018
Price hidden
KYMCO Kymco AK550  2018 Kymco AK550 Made in Taiwan completely 550 cc 2 cylinder Model 2018 Only 1800km One year r valid licence ABS BRAKES Brembo brakes in front and rea...

Mileage 1500 km
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For Sale - BENELLI - Cafenero 150 (2018)
Date Modified: 3.Nov.2018
22000 EGP
BENELLI Cafenero 150 2018 Just bought it from 3 months excellent condition licensed for three years selling it to buy a street bike

Mileage 5000 km
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For Sale - SYM - jet 14 200i (2018)
Date Posted: 8.Nov.2018
30000 EGP
SYM jet 14 200i  2018 Abs, Injection sym jet 14 2018 in a great condition, runs perfectly smooth and needs nothing at all perfectly maintained on times valid licence till 4/20...

Mileage 10500 km
Contact seller

For Sale - BENELLI - Zafferano (2017)
Date Posted: 9.Dec.2018
30000 EGP
بينيللي زافيرانو 250 موديل 2017 مثبت في الرخصه عداد 9100 قابل للزياده حاله الاسكور فوق الممتازه تم عمل جميه الصيانات في ميعادها

Mileage 9500 km
Contact seller

For Sale - HONDA - Repsol (2017)
Date Posted: 25.Oct.2018
70000 EGP
HONDA Repsol  2017 Mileage 15000 km
Contact seller

For Sale - VICTORY - 2017 (2017)
Date Posted: 25.Oct.2018
250000 EGP
VICTORY 2017 2017 01007905057

Mileage 2500 km
Contact seller

For Sale - SYM - symphony sr 150 (2017)
Date Posted: 8.Sep.2018
21500 EGP
The bike color is silver and red but now matte black sticker and the bike in Very good condition And I do not need any expenses

Mileage 7500 km
Contact seller

For Sale - SYM - Fiddle 2 (2017)
Date Posted: 17.Sep.2018
18000 EGP
SYM Fiddle 2 2017 Used as new excellent condition

Mileage 2500 km
Contact seller

KYMCO - Gdink (2017) - not for sale!
Date Posted: 13.May.2018
Price hidden    Parked
Not for sale
Mileage 4500 km
Contact rider

For Sale - KYMCO - Like (2017)
Date Modified: 1.Nov.2018
25000 EGP
KYMCO Like 2017 Condition: like brand new Mileage: 600km License: 1 year

Mileage 500 km
Contact seller

For Sale - KYMCO - Like 200 (2017)
Date Posted: 12.Dec.2018
25000 EGP
Mileage 2000 km
Contact seller

For Sale - JET SKI - sea doo GTX 260 LIMITED 260 (2016)
Date Modified: 31.Oct.2018
Price hidden
JET SKI sea doo GTX 260 LIMITED 260  2016 USD 40 hours

Contact seller

For Sale - JET SKI - SEA-DOO SPARK (2016)
Date Modified: 31.Oct.2018
Price hidden
Contact seller

For Sale - SACHS - AMICI (2016)
Date Modified: 26.Oct.2018
16000 EGP

Contact seller

For Sale - HARLEY-DAVIDSON - Night Rod Special (2016)
Date Posted: 7.Oct.2018
550000 EGP
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Night Rod Special 2016 Warrenty by HD EGYPT till March 2020, Windshield, Backrest, Lauggae Rack, Well ket indoor parking, Only 3200 km and next srevice on 6300 km.

Mileage 3000 km
Contact seller

For Sale - SUZUKI - Boulevard m109r (2016)
Date Modified: 21.Oct.2018
260000 EGP
SUZUKI Boulevard m109r  2016 In brand new condition, one of very few in Egypt with the same color.. serious buyers only please.. Avon air grips, original engine guard, high way pegs, ...

Mileage 2000 km
Contact seller

For Sale - KYMCO - Super 8 (2016)
Date Posted: 23.Aug.2018
15000 EGP
KYMCO Super 8  2016 كيمكو سوبر 8 ماشي 19000 كيلو 125cc مطلوب 15000 مرخص وفاضل ف الرخصه سنتين ونص للتواصل 01094941029

Mileage 19000 km
Contact seller

For Sale - BENELLI - Benelli Vlr sport 150cc (2016)
Date Posted: 10.Nov.2018
16500 EGP
BENELLI Benelli Vlr sport 150cc 2016 موتوسيكل بنيلى "ايطالى" ١-٥-٠-cc نسخه اسبورت فابريكه .. لسه زيرو ... لسه فى الضمان ابو حوا عداد ١-٩-٠-٠- كم فقط فى &...

Mileage 2000 km
Contact seller

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