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K and N -  HA-0011 Air Filter 
HA-0011 Air Filter K and N -
1565 (EGP)

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4 left in stock.

K and N - Filters - HA-0011 Air Filter
K and N - Filters - HA-0011 Air Filter
K and N - Filters - HA-0011 Air Filter
Product Description

Designed to provide increased horsepower and torque.

Pleated media provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals.

Multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media offers excellent filtration.

Application specific base seal and sealing bead.

Made in the USA for over 40 years.

Washable & reusable, pre-oiled and ready to ride!

Includes a 10-Year/Million-Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N's high-flow air filters are available as a replacement for your stock motorcycle air filter element. They are custom engineered to fit your specific application and are designed to provide low restriction and increased performance, while providing excellent engine protection for your motorcycle.

Made in USA

1997 - 2005 HONDA VTR1000 - All
1999 - 2002 HONDA XL1000 VARADERO 1000 - All
By K and N
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K and N - HA-0011 Air Filter 

K and N - Filters - HA-0011 Air Filter

K and N - Filters - HA-0011 Air Filter

K and N - Filters - HA-0011 Air Filter

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